Exciting news! We’ve partnered with the fabulous team at Box42 to offer their date night experience boxes here at Trelan Farm.

Perfect to add on to your staycation, each box includes mood setters, exciting activities, snacks, drinks and more. You can choose from the following two Box42 dates.

1. Zen Revival 

The Zen Revival Box will reinvigorate your mind, body and relationship with a sense of pure bliss. Relax together as your date box takes you through the following activities.
– Set the scene
– Soap carving
– Mix your own facemasks
– Couples yoga
– Massage mastery
– A bonus mystery activity

2. Undercover Agent 

The Undercover Agent box takes you on the ultimate date night mission filled with secrecy, puzzles, challenges and laughter. Enjoy the following activities
– Set the scene and put on your disguises
– Sketch your suspect
– Double agency mystery puzzle
– Interrogation room
– Create your memory vault
Fancy a date night experience? Each box is priced at £35 and they can be added on to your stay at the time of booking or just send us a message and we can add it on.
Which box would you choose?